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GroupLogic and Good Technology have partnered to bring mobilEcho’s mobile file management to the Good Dynamics platform. This optional mobilEcho capability allows the mobilEcho client app to be managed, along with other Good enabled apps, using a unified set of Good Dynamics policies and services.

The components of the Good Dynamics platform include:

  • Good Control server - A server-based console that allows the enterprise to enable client access to Good Dynamics enabled apps, create policy sets that govern application permissions and the device types they are allowed to run on, and the ability to revoke access to or wipe Good Dynamics apps on specific devices.
  • Good Proxy server - This service is installed on an on-premise server and is used to provide network access for Good Dynamics apps needing to communicate with on-premise application servers, such as a mobilEcho file server.
  • mobilEcho for Good Dynamics app - Good Dynamics enabled apps, such as mobilEcho for Good Dynamics, include built-in Good Dynamics services that allow the app to be remotely managed using the Good Dynamics platform and also provide the app with FIPS 140-2 certified on-device encrypted secure storage and Good secure communication.

mobilEcho for Good Dynamics requires:

Once a mobilEcho for Good Dynamics client is enrolled in Good Dynamics, all communication with mobilEcho servers is routed though the Good Dynamics secure communication channel.

Testing a trial version of mobilEcho for Good Dynamics

The process of trialing mobilEcho for Good Dynamics is very much the same as a regular mobilEcho trial.

A trial version of the mobilEcho server-side software can be requested by visiting the mobilEcho Free Trial page. Once this request form has been submitted, you will receive an email with links to download the mobilEcho server trial installer and to the mobilEcho Quick Start Guide to assist in initial setup.

The mobilEcho for Good Dynamics client app is a free download from the Apple App Store.

mobilEcho for Good Dynamics client apps need to be activated in your Good Dynamics system before they can be configured for access to mobilEcho servers. When you are ready to enroll mobilEcho clients in Good Dynamics, please proceed to the following sections of this document.

Requesting and configuring mobilEcho within Good Control

Before a mobilEcho for Good Dynamics client app can be enrolled in Good Dynamics, mobilEcho must be added to the list of Managed Applications on your Good Control server. For this to happen, you must request access to the mobilEcho for Good app using the Good Dynamics beGood Communities site. If you are not currently a registered member of the beGood site, another member of your organization may be responsible for managing vendor relationships on this site, or you may simply need to register for an account with Good.

Requesting access to mobilEcho for Good Dynamics

To request access to mobilEcho for Good, visit this URL:

That link should take you directly to the app. If it does not, visit and locate mobilEcho for Good in the list of available Good Dynamics apps.

On the mobilEcho for Good app page, click the Get Application button to request a trial or licensed version of the app. 

If you select a trial version of the app, your access should be granted within a few minutes. You should receive a notification from the beGood site when your request has been accepted and notifying you that the mobilEcho for Good app as been published to your Good Control server. Once this has happened, log into your Good Control server and click Manage Applications in the lefthand menu. mobilEcho should now be listed as a Partner app in your managed applications list. If it's not listed, give it 15 minutes or so and check again. This will allow the change time to propagate to your server.

Configuring Good Proxy access to your mobilEcho server(s)

In order for mobilEcho clients to be able to access your mobilEcho server through the Good Proxy server, you will need to enter the address of your mobilEcho server in the application's configuration. If you have more than one mobilEcho server, configure access to one mobilEcho server here and additional servers can be added on the Client Connections page in the Good Control console. Details on doing so are included below.

Click the mobilEcho app in the Manage Applications list to open its settings.

In the Server Info box, enter the DNS name or IP address of your mobilEcho server. The Port number is usually 443, unless you've configured mobilEcho to run on a non-standard port. All communication between mobilEcho clients and mobilEcho servers occurs on port 443 by default. Click the 'Check' button to save this change.

Allowing access to multiple mobilEcho servers

If you have more than one mobilEcho server on your network, you will have to allow additional server addresses in the Good Control console. If you do not so this, mobilEcho client will only be able to connect to the single server you configured in the previous step.

To permit acces to additional mobilEcho servers, select the Client Connections item in the lefthand menu in the Good Control console.

In the Additional Servers box, enter the mobilEcho server's DNS name or IP address and it's port, then click the "+" icon to add it to the list. The default mobilEcho server port is 443.

Good Dynamics Policy Sets and mobilEcho

The mobilEcho for Good Dynamics app respects the policy settings included in a user's assigned Policy Set. Policy sets are configured on the Good Control server.

These settings include:

  • Application lock password requirements
  • Lock screen policies
  • Data leakage protection
  • Permitted iOS versions and hardware models
  • Connectivity verification
  • Jailbreak/root detection


Data Leakage Protection effects and limitations

NOTE: If Data Leakage Protection is enabled in a policy set, the mobilEcho client app will not be permitted to:

  • Open files into standard 3rd party applications on the device
  • Receive files from other standard 3rd party applications on the device
  • Email files using the iOS email client
  • Print files
  • Copy and paste text from within opened files

If you require these features, you will need to enable the "Disable Data Leakage Protection" check box in the applicable Good Policy Set.

mobilEcho for Good Dynamics includes a Good Dynamics feature called "Secure Docs". This allows files to be transferred between the mobilEcho for Good Dynamics app and the Good for Enterprise app. Once a file is opened into the Good for Enterprise app, it can then be opened into other 3rd party Good Dynamics enabled apps that include this feature. This functionality is available, even with the Good Control Data Leakage Protection policy setting enabled.

An upcoming version of mobilEcho for Good Dynamics will add the ability to transfer files directly between the mobilEcho for Good Dynamics app and other 3rd party Good Dynamics apps. This capability requires changes to mobilEcho for Good Dynamics and to the 3rd party apps involved, so any app that you need to transfer files to will also need to be updated by its vendor.

Granting mobilEcho access to a Good Dynamics User or Group

Before a user can enroll their mobilEcho client app in Good Dynamics, they must have the mobilEcho application added to their user accounts Allowed Applications list or to an allowed Application Group they belong to. In addition, a unique Access Key must be sent to the user and entered into the mobilEcho app during the enrollment process.

IMPORTANT DEPLOYMENT NOTE: When you assign access to Good Dynamics applications to individual users, you are required to select specific version numbers of the app to allow. If you managed access on the user level, when new versions of mobilEcho for Good are released, you will need to return to the users' Good Control configuration and add the new version before they are allowed to run that version. We highly recommend that you allow access to Good Dynamics apps using the Manage Groups functionality in the Good Control console. Good Control allows you to give a group access to ALL versions of an app, so that future versions will be allowed without IT admin intervention.

To add the mobilEcho app to an Allowed Applications list in a User Account or Application Group:

  1. Select Manage Groups or Manage Users from the lefthand menu in the Good Control console.
  2. Select the group or user you'd like to give access to mobilEcho for Good.
  3. On the Applications tab, click the Allowed Applications "Add More" button.

  4. Select mobilEcho for Good from the list of available applications and click OK.

To generate an Access Key that will allow a user to enroll their mobilEcho for Good app with Good Dynamics:

  1. Select Manage Users from the lefthand menu in the Good Control console.
  2. Select the user you'd like to create an Access Key for.
  3. On the Access Keys tab, select the number of keys you'd like to send and click the Provision button.

The user will receive an email that includes the Access Key and some basic Good Dynamics instructions.

Enrolling the mobilEcho client app in Good Dynamics

The mobilEcho for Good client app available on the Apple App Store is purpose build as a Good Dynamics integrated application. When first installed on a device, the mobilEcho app starts and required the user to activate it in your Good Dynamics system.

To enroll a mobilEcho client app in Good Dynamics:

  1. Launch mobilEcho for Good Dynamics on your device.

  2. Enter your Email Address and the Access Key that was emailed to you by your IT administrator.

  3. Progress will be displayed as your app is enrolled with Good Dynamics.
  4. If required by your Good Dynamics policy, you will be asked to set an application lock password. If you are also using Good for Enterprise, mobilEcho may require that you log into Good for Enterprise in order to gain access to the mobilEcho app.

  5. Once this process is completed, you will be taken to the mobilEcho application's home screen.

From this point on, when you start the mobilEcho app, you may be required to enter the mobilEcho for Good Dynamics application password that you configured earlier, or you may be required to authenticate with your Good for Enterprise app before mobilEcho opens.

Aside from that requirement, mobilEcho for Good Dynamics functions the same way that standard mobilEcho does. Some features in the app may be restricted based on your Good Dynamics policy set. This includes features such as opening mobilEcho files into other 3rd party applications, emailing and printing files, copying and pasting text from mobilEcho files, etc.

Once the mobilEcho for Good Dynamics app has been activated in Good Dynamics, it is not possible to deactivate. If you need to switch to a standard version of mobilEcho, you will need to delete the mobilEcho for Good Dynamics app and reinstall the standard mobilEcho app by visiting the Apple App Store.

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